UN/EDIFACT 行政、商業、運輸のための電子データ交換に関する国連規則



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< 海運業界では、32のUN/EDIFACTメッセージ/秒(10億のUN/EDIFACTメッセージ/年)利用されている > 


United Nations Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport (UN/EDIFACT) is the global Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standard developed and maintained by the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT). EDI is defined as “computer to computer interchange of data according to a message standard with a minimum of human intervention”. Differently said, it allows for business documents such as purchase orders, invoices and customs declarations to be exchanged and processed electronically. UN/EDIFACT development started at the end of the 1980s and the standard currently contains 209 business messages. Updated versions are published twice a year.

< 32 UN/EDIFACT messages/second in the maritime industry (or 1 billion UN/EDIFACT messages per year in the maritime industry) >














-  25年以上にわたる開発により、何千ものビジネスプロセスに適用できる強固で豊富なコンテンツが提供されていること。

- プロセス、規制、新しい分野の変化に対応できるよう、継続的にメンテナンスされていること。

- 長年にわたり、「新旧互換性」の原則が実施されており、異なるバージョンのユーザーも問題なくメッセージを交換することができること。

- ユーザーの数が増え続けているため、専門家の知識が世界的に広く蓄積され、ソフトウェアツールも手頃な価格で入手できること。

< エクスプレス業界では毎日200万通のUN/EDIFACTメッセージが使用されている >



UN/EDIFACT is used by most international sectors, both in public and private domains, such as retail, transport and logistics, customs, healthcare, agriculture and insurance. No comprehensive information on global implementation is available but statistics from one sector alone showed that UN/EDIFACT was used by more than 100,000 companies and organizations in 2014 with a predicted growth of 10% for 2015.

<95% of Terminal Operators and 90% of Carriers (Agents) are using UN/EDIFACT messages>




Generally, EDI provides multiple advantages such as streamlined and cost efficient business processes, increased consumer and patient safety through reliable traceability systems, and significant environmental improvement by reducing paper and optimizing the use of transport vehicles and infrastructure. 


The UN/EDIFACT standard is well suited to achieve these benefits since: 

• More than 25 years of development has provided a solid and rich content applicable to thousands of business processes; 

• The standard is continually maintained in order to ensure that it is adapted to changes in processes, regulations and new areas; 

• Throughout the years, the principle of “backwards compatibility” has been enforced, meaning the users of different versions can exchange messages without problems; and 

• The high and increasing number of users ensures a wide pool of expert knowledge globally and affordable software tools. 

< 2 million UN/EDIFACT messages daily in the express industry >

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The UN/EDIFACT standard for EDI is available free of charge on the UN/CEFACT website: 


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